Furet – Raket

1.Rocket Took Me For A Ride

2.Serious Rocket

3.You Stole My Rocket

4.Whispering Rocket

5.Rocket Is The Answer

6.Futuristic Rocket

7.Remote Controlled Rocket

8.Rocket Is Knocking At My Door

Furet – Rymd

1.Simplified Space

2.Enemy Of Space

3.In Search Of The Perfect Space

4.Hot Space

5.Act Of Space

6.Space In The Sun

7.Secrets Of The Space

8.Hard Space

Furet – Planet

1.My Planet Is My Word

2.Rich Planet

3.Planet Doesn't Stop

4.Planet For The Masses

5.Planet Moves

6.The Missing Planet

7.Explosive Planet

8.A History Of Planet